Step 1 – PREPARE

Provide a Calming Atmosphere

Create a relaxing setting with a comfortable temperature, dimmed lighting, and no noises or distractions. Set up a massage table and cover it with a twin-size sheet. Put on an additional sheet to provide coverage and warmth for the recipient.

Set Up Essential Oils

Place essential oils from the Raindrop Technique collection and a bottle of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex within easy reach. You’ll need these oils, in order:

White Angelica™

Though not found in the kit, White Angelica can also be a helpful, though not necessary, part of the technique.

Prepare Recipient

Give the recipient privacy as you ask him or her to remove shoes and socks and to disrobe to the waist. Provide a gown or drape to the recipient, and have him or her lay face-up on the massage table. Apply White Angelica™ to your shoulders and enter the room with a positive mindset.



Prepare Recipient

Hold the recipient’s ankles, then gently pull, stretch, and shake legs to release tension.

Apply Valor II™

Apply 3–6 drops of Valor II to the recipient’s shoulders, then bare feet. Apply 3–6 drops of Valor II in the palm of your right hand and rub on the bottom of the recipient’s right foot. Next, apply 3–6 drops of Valor II to your left hand and rub on the bottom of the recipient’s left foot.

Hold Position

Hold this position for 3–5 minutes or until you feel a connection of energy.


Prepare Oil in Left Palm

Begin with Oregano essential oil. Place 2–3 drops onto your left palm, and then circle the fingertips of your right hand around your left palm three times clockwise.

Employ Roll & Release

Using your right hand, grip the recipient’s right foot so that the fingertips rest on the spinal reflex points at the heel while the palm rests on the top of the foot. Roll fingers slowly until nails are flat against the bottom of the recipient’s foot, then back to their original position. Repeat along the entire length of the foot’s spinal reflex points and off the big toe, moving up about ¼ of an inch each time. End with several of these movements with the index finger on the center pad of the big toe.

Prepare Oil in Right Palm

Place 2–3 drops of Oregano essential oil in your right palm and circle the palm with your left fingertips in a clockwise, circular motion. Apply the essential oil with the Roll and Release technique on the left foot using your left hand to grip the foot. Repeat the Roll and Release technique with Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, and Peppermint, in that order

Step 4 –



Feathering Sequence

Apply 2–4 drops of Oregano to the spine. Divide the back into three horizontal sections and use your fingernails and fingertips to very gently brush up each section three times, following the length the spine and alternating hands as you move. Next, divide the back into two equal horizontal sections and repeat feathering strokes in each section. Alternate hands to perform full-length feathering strokes along the entire length of the spine.

Fanning Sequence

Fan each horizontal section of the back three times by gently brushing the fingernails from the spine up and off the sides of the back. Conclude the fanning sequence by gently brushing the fingernails up from the base of the back, along the entire length of the spine, and up and off the shoulders.

Spinal Application of Oils

Complete the spinal application of essential oils. Click on each essential oil below for application technique:

Step 5 –



Check for Skin Discomfort

If the recipient is experiencing skin discomfort, use V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to complete the Raindrop. Dispense two pumps of either V-6 or Ortho Ease into the palm of your hand and gently massage the oil into the recipient’s shoulders and back.

Preform the Occiput Pull

Ask the recipient to lay face-up while you hold the sheet to cover his or her torso and legs. Sit so your shoulders are parallel to the recipient’s shoulders. Place both hands on the back of the head with the pads of the fingers resting on the base of the skull. The recipient’s head should remain on the table. Gently pull the head toward you in a soft rocking motion, so the recipient’s entire body moves toward you. Sustain this motion for one minute and then rest for one minute. Repeat this process two more times.

Optional: Apply White Angelica

Apply White Angelica to the recipient’s shoulders and then place both hands above the recipient’s nose to allow him or her to smell the oil. Allow the recipient to relax for 5–10 minutes and then instruct him or her to drink plenty of water to encourage the detoxification process.


Instruct the recipient to drink plenty of water.

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