What is Raindrop Technique?

Raindrop Technique is an exciting new modality, which can be performed both on people and animals. Its origins come form Ancient Tibetan, Ancient  Egyptian and American Indian bodywork techniques, combined with the power of therapeutic-grade essential coils and massage. Raindrop Technique uses Vita flex, the Ancient Tibetan vision of foot reflexology. This is performed along the spinal reflex of the feet, in combination with various essential oils, This exotic combination makes for a sensational experience, both giving and receiving, which promotes profound relaxation end balance


What are the possible Benefits ?

Sense of calmness, heightened relaxation.
Release of tension, toxins and emotional responses that can be stored in the muscles.
Clients with long term pain issues or those with extreme pain, may find relief as the technique uses very light feathering and mild pressure massage.
Only Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils are used which are organic, natural and non-toxic.
Therapeutic grade oils provide a subtle, lingering scent extending the benefits of the technique long after you have left the salon.
Regular Raindrop’s can enhance feelings of balance and confidence.
Additional or alternative oils may be used for each client in response to Individual needs

How is the Raindrop different to massage?

The Young Living oils are organic and therapeutic grade with 100 to 140 drops of oil applied during a Raindrop technique mast massages use 5 to 10 drops of oil strongly diluted in massage all. RDT relaxes the client with the oils relaxing the senses and the nervous system together with light physical touch, in traditional massage the body Is relaxed with music and physical touch. Heavier pressure may also be used to relax some muscles The oils work Intelligently as required whereas in traditional massage specific needs are addressed through physical massage. Unlike massage there is no oil residue.

Who can have a Raindrop Technique?

Almost everyone can receive a Raindrop Technique
The Raindrop Technique ls personalized to meet individual needs, following an assessment of your Client History Form.

Can the Raindrop Technique be modified because I’m short on time?

The Vitaflex  technique is like having Raindrop Technique. The oils are applied only to the feet and takes about 30 minutes for remarkable benefits.

What is the difference between Reflexology and vitaflex?

Reflexology accesses the body’s systems by working with pressure over the soles of the feet. Vitaflex apples the oils along the side of the feet from heel to toe rolling the oils into spinal reference

Will I need to be undressed?

The Raindrop Technique can be performed partly clothed in underwear or shorts if preferred.

Is there anything I need to do after the technique is finished?

it is recommended that you drink at least 2 liters of water In the next 24 hours after the treatment. This assists with flushing toxins end other Impurities out of the system, which the oils may have released. Abstain from bathing for 24 hours after the treatment. This maximizes the benefits of the oils and enables them to penetrate deeper in the body

How often should I have a Raindrop Technique?

It is suggested that the Raindrop Technique be preformed ever week for 2 months, then fortnightly for the following 2 months, then monthly
For most. people this would be a luxury they could only dream Receiving the Raindrop Technique regularly even if only every month or six weeks
as often as a haircut), will over time encourage a feeling of balance and confidence

Can I buy the ails used for my Raindrop technique to use at home?

You can purchase complete kit of the oils used in the Raindrop Technique or they can be purchased individually Young Living have over 100 single and blended oils from which to choose.

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