Our goal is to educate consumers and encourage smart tanning.


For your safety. eye protection must be worn during tanning.  We supply you with FDA- approved eye wear each session, however we recommend you purchase your own pair.  There are some of you out there who choose not to wear eye protection while tanning indoor and out.  Hopefully after reading the information below, you will understand how important it is to properly protect your eyes.  Ultraviolet light can cause irreversible damage if precautions are not taken to protect the eyes.

Below are a few examples….

DULL COLOR:  Color perception can be diminished

CATARACTS:  Are permanent damage to the cornea

PHOTOKERATISIS:   A temporary corneal burn from short-term UV light exposure symptoms include; tearing, pain and blurry vision lasting 2-3 days. All these conditions can be prevented, simply by wearing your eye protection indoor and out.


Many people have heard me say,  ” FOR BEST RESULTS YOUR SHOULD USE A  QUALITY INDOOR TANNING LOTION”.  I strongly believe this for many reasons.  I was an inexperienced tanner, that made the mistake of not using lotion. At that time there was no one around to educate me. This is why I want to do this for you. You spend your hard earned dollars on tanning sessions, so to protect your investment you should use a salon quality indoor tanning lotion.  Quality indoor tanning lotions are specifically designed to prepare the skin for ultraviolet exposure.  When skin is healthy your results will be deeper, darker, longer lasting tan.


After each tanning session your skin produces color for up to 24 hours.  When you use  quality moisturizer’s  your results will be of a higher quality.   Quality moisturizers contain essential ingredients to extend your tan, while over the counter moisturizers contain too much alcohol causing the skin to become dry and unhealthy.  WHO WANTS DRY UNHEALTHY SKIN?

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